ZIP Album: NCT 127 – NCT #127 – Regulate Zippyshare torrent

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ZIP Album: NCT 127 – NCT #127 – Regulate Zippyshare torrent Download

NCT 127 continues on promotions with repackaged album “NCT #127 Regulate”
On November 14, SM Entertainment dropped teaser images of Johnny, Jaehyun, and Taeyong of NCT 127 and announced the release of “NCT #127 Regulate,” which is the repackaged album of their latest album, “NCT #127 Regular-Irregular.”

The album will drop on November 23. It includes a total of 4 tracks with “Simon Says” as its title track. “Simon Says” is an urban hip hop that incorporates both heavy bass riffs and sharp synth sounds. The lyrics use an analogy of the game “Simon Says” to address the societal problem of people having to do exactly what they are told to.

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