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6ix9ine – STOOPID Zippyshare torrent mp3 Download


Tekashi 6ix9ine’s upcoming single “Stoopid” is finally finished, he said so himself in an Instagram post in big letter typeface. After experimenting with his “roots” on “BEBE,” formerly known as “Bebecita” co-starring Puerto Rican sensation Anuel-AA, 6ix9ine has fallen back on his signature style.

The Chicano-Nu Yorican rapper promised to go 9 for 9 with his Latin-tinged persona, and theoretically, he delivered, charting in the Billboard Top 100. “BEBE” proved to be an indomitable force once over on Billboard’s Latin Chart where it rose to number one, fending off a challenge from World pop juggernaut Shakira.

Tekashi’s “Stoopid” is projected to land him a 10 for 10 scored, on sheer willpower alone. 6ix9ine is indubitably bound by contractual obligations to release “Stoopid” in concert with the other singles dropping on Drop Day aka Friday, barring any unforeseen circumstances. If you whiz by the headline passingly, you might miss the inclusion of the word should before the presumptive date, “STOOPID IS FINALLY FINISHED” appearing in bigger font.


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