ZIP EP: DRAM- That’s A Girls Name Zippyshare Torrent Mp3



DRAM- That’s A Girls Name EP ZippysharE Torrent Mp3 Download

It’s been a minute since we last heard from Big Baby DRAM. In fact, with exception to some features, the last time the “Broccoli” rapper impacted our site with any new music was back in November when released his #1HappyHoliday EP, but thankfully that drought ends here today. With no warning at all, the Virginia artist decides to come through and surprise fans with the release of a new 3-song EP called That’s A Girls Name.

The 3-track project comes with no features and consists of records like “Best Hugs,” “WWYD?” & “Sundress.”


1. Best Hugs
2. WWYD?
3. Sundress

DOWNLOAD EP: DRAM- That’s A Girls Name Zippyshare

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